Astronauts Orbiting Earth Experience Time Travel!

Yes, time travel is already here! In small amounts.

Time Travel

Albert Einstein developed a theory known as Special Relativity, according to which space and time are part of the same thing – space-time.

The speed of light, 186,000 miles per hour is the fastest you can move through space time, and when you travel close to the speed of light, time slows down.

You won’t notice this until you return to earth to the people you left behind, for whom more time has passed.

So when astronauts are orbiting Earth on the International Space Station, time is moving more slowly for them than the rest of us earthbound humans. So far, there is only a very tiny difference in time, but in the future with better technology, and faster, more powerful spaceships the result could be years of difference.


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Are Dolphins the Smartest Animal?

What do you think? Are dolphins smarter than your dog or cat? laughing dolphin

There’s no doubt dolphins are super intelligent, but how do they stack up compared to other animals? Since it’s impossible to design a human type IQ-test for dolphins, scientists have focused on studying the dolphin brain, which is quite impressive. Animals with larger brains compared to their body size have a few things in common. They form stable communities and take care of their young for many years. The measure of brain size relative to body size is know as EQ, and humans rank a 7.5 in this measurements. Dolphins are the closest to humans with a 4.2, outranking the killer whale at about 3, and the chimpanzee at 2.5. For comparison, dogs and cats come in at 1.2 and 1.0 respectively.

Another measurement of intelligence is the number of folds in the brain. Once again, the dolphin is the only animal who comes close to human in this respect. Dolphins are also able to interpret both spoken human language and symbols, and their own complex whistling communication show evidence of ten having a sense of self, something otherwise unique to  primates in the animal world. They can mimic both humans and other dolphins, and they can also respond to instructions on a screen, which dogs and apes cannot. Dolphins can also recognize themselves in a mirror, engage in abstract thought, learn by observing, and engage in problem solving.

Golden Retriever Fails Obedience

Owner Would Like to Compete, but Golden Retriever Has Different Agenda

In this hilarious video of an obedience competition, several determined youngsters and their focused dogs complete the course flawlessly. The Golden Retriever however, decides that life is for living and stops at all the distracting obstacles, eating all the tempting snacks, frolicking every step of the way. Enjoy!

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14 Year Old Girl Treats Her Dog’s Anxiety With An iPad!

Does Your Dog Have Separation Anxiety?

Check out this 14-year old girl’s brilliant invention! Brooke Martin was concerned that her dog was sad and depressed when left alone at home to much. She built a device that allows her to call up her dog via an iPad, see it, talk to it, and even dispense a treat! Now Brooke has a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for manufacturing the devices commercially. Is your dog lonely and destructive? Maybe you would like to help Brooke bring her product to market.

World’s Tallest “Polercoaster” Coming to Orlando

Defy Gravity with “Polercoaster”!

This terrifying, or thrilling, ride is set to open in Orlando, Florida in 2017. “The

Photo Credit: Orlando Skyplex

Photo Credit: Orlando Skyplex

Skyscraper” will be 535 feet tall and circle around the sides of an observation tower. Those who can stomach the experience will be flung over 90 degree angles and subjected to several barrel rolls. It will reach speeds up to 65 miles an hour, which is actually only half  the speed of the world’s current tallest roller coaster. The Kinda Ka in New Jersey, stands 456 feet tall and speeds riders along at an incredible 128 miles an hour. Which one would you like to ride? Watch the amazing simulation video and comment below!

General specifications of the ride were listed at the Polercoaster’s debut at IAAPA 2011. Two glass elevators would transport riders to the top of the tower. Statistics of the two standard towers that were proposed are shown in the table below. Although these were two standard models, the Polercoaster could be designed as small as 100 feet (30 m) tall, or extend beyond the 500-foot (150 m) mark.[2]

Height 200 ft or 61 m 300 ft or 91 m
Lift height 180 ft or 55 m 270 ft or 82 m
Track length 2,400 ft or 730 m 3,300 ft or 1,000 m
Tower diameter 50 ft or 15 m 70 ft or 21 m
Top speed 44 mph or 71 km/h 50 mph or 80 km/h
Maximum g-force 4 Gs
Duration 108 seconds 144 seconds
Capacity 960 riders per hour
Trains 7 or 8 eight-seater El Loco trains


The Top Ten Healthiest Restaurant Chains in America

Tired of whining and dining? Go healthy!


Grellin – a new website – has set to work ranking all the restaurant chains in America based how healthy or unhealthy their food is. So if you are out and about and want to grab something that’s not too bad for you – here are the top ten choices:


Au Bon Pain



Bruegger’s Bagels


Jersey Mike’s Subs

In-N-Out Burger

Panda Express

El Pollo Loco

Bob Evans


It’s worth noting that on a scale of 0 – 100, none of these restaurants ranked over 47.

So either way, you’re most likely better off cooking something yourself.


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The Drought In California Is Pushing Wildlife Into Suburban Backyards

Cause bears just wanna have fun… Well, a bit, but mostly they want water and food.

Photo Credit, Camilla Barrett

Photo Credit, Camilla Barrett

Californians are experiencing some new effects of the multi-year drought. All kinds of wildlife, bears, coyotes, and bobcats are showing up more and more in suburban back yards. Coyotes have frequently been known to kill and eat small pets, and bears, although cuddly looking from a distance, can do you some serious amount of damage to you, not to mention your house, should they manage to get inside. Creeks that normally run all year have completely dried out, and the animals follow the dry creek beds in search of food and water, until they find themselves in suburban neighborhoods.

Staff at WildCare, in Marin County, CA are experiencing an increased amount of calls about raccoons digging up yards, and dogs getting sprayed by skunks. Wild animals admitted to WildCare’s animal hospital have an increased amount of parasites, probably due to being under nourished. But no matter how much you want to help the animals, WildCare strongly advises against feeding them.

Don’t forget – Trans Fats are bad for your memory – too!

By now we know trans fats are dangerous for your heart, but did you know they can harm your memory too?

Photo Credit: Gizmodo

Photo Credit: Gizmodo

Until recently, trans fats, also known as hydrogenated oils used to exist in pretty much all processed foods. After it was discovered that they cause heart disease by raising your bad cholesterol, lowering your good cholesterol, and creating inflammation in your entire body, food manufacturers started replacing them with healthier fats. But since they are so useful to the food industry by having an almost indefinite shelf life they still get snuck back into a lot of products. If the amount of trans fats in one serving of food is lower than 0.5 grams, it is legal to label it as containing NO trans fats. The trick is just to make the portion size very, very small. To add insult to injury, researchers at UC San Diego have discovered that trans fats also negatively affect your memory, even in younger people. So just remember this – never eat them!  Dr. Beatrice Golomb, a professor of medicine at the University of California, San Diego says: “From a health standpoint, trans fat consumption has been linked to higher body weight, more aggression and heart disease.”

Don’t you wish there wasn’t plastic litter everywhere?


Plastic is forever!

Plastic garbage is unsightly, and it just never disappears. But that is about to change! Scientists have developed a new form of plastic made of fructose that biodegrades in three hours when exposed to ultraviolet light. Now you see it – now you don’t!
Obviously, this is not practical for all applications. You wouldn’t want your plastic lawn chair or your hardhat evaporating on you. But for disposable plastics, it’s perfect. So what can you do to help until this revolutionary new material hits the market? For one, try Biobags for your garbage and food storage bags. They won’t disappear in three hours, but they are made of corn, and will compost and break down completely.
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Red wine is good for your heart? True or False?

 To your good health! Actually – maybe not…


In the past, the Mediterranean diet with it’s daily wine consumption has been touted as a path towards a healthy heart. A group of scientists from Gothenburg University in Sweden have determined through a lengthy study that this is only true for a small subset of the population, about 15%, who share a particular genetic mutation. For the rest of us – drinking a moderate amount of wine provides no discernible benefit for heart health. So cheers to you all – enjoy that fine Bordeaux – just don’t expect it to prolong your life!