SHOCKER: Unicorns ACTUALLY Existed!

For decades, scientists have speculated that the Siberian unicorn died out around 350,000 years ago. Now, a beautifully preserved skull found in Kazakhstan has shattered that belief. As it turns out these incredible rhino-like creatures were still around as recently as 29,000 years ago. Unlike the unicorns you’ve dreamt about, … Continue reading

The Supervolcanos That Will Destroy Mankind And Our Planet! Watch Out Yellowstone!!!

Will Yellowstone become the next Pompeii? Predicting when the next volcanic eruption will occur is currently impossible. But Yellowstone certainly has a destructive history. According to the USGS, “Over the past 2.1 million years Yellowstone volcano has had three immense explosive volcanic eruptions that blanketed parts of the North American … Continue reading