Inventor Solves Nikola Tesla’s Secret To Amplifying Power By Nearly 5000% [VIDEO]

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One of Nikola Tesla’s best secret was hidden away by the USA government immediately after Tesla died…but it was not forgotten. And now Jim Murray, who is a genius and an inventor, and he wants to change the world overnight. How – by giving power to the people!  He has reimagined Tesla’s energy magnifier – and it could crush Big Oil – and that’s what Jim is determined to do!

Jim has invented a technology that will shift the energy paradigm and put the power in the hands of the people – where it belongs. In short he wants your help to spread the information that will transform energy use as we know it and if you are inclined to donate to the cause Jim would appreciate it.

Jim has been a student of Nikola Tesla’s work for decades and he’s solved Tesla’s secrets to amplifying power by nearly 5000%. Sound crazy? That’s what we thought – until we saw it work. Jim has already secured funding from investors on the technology side, and he plans to to write a book which explains to everyone how it’s done.

Jim’s work has not gone unnoticed. He was questioned by the FBI and they seemed unduly nervous about his attempt to replicate Tesla’s technology. Murray said that he found the FBI’s questioning bizarre but not so intimidating that he gave up…in fact, it made him more determined than ever to succeed.

It all started when Murray decided to review Tesla’s original papers, but found – as most Nikola Tesla’s fans know that most of research was inaccessible after it was seized by the government following the inventor’s death. So Jim instead contacted individuals who knew Tesla personally, such as Otis T Carr, to gain insights into Tesla’s inventive mind.

Eventually this led to the creation of the SERPS (Switched Energy Resonance Power Supply) device. This is a highly specialized electronic circuit which can effectively magnify whatever power is applied to it by a phenomenal fifty times. Murray also coupled his device with Paul Babcock’s ultra-fast nanosecond switching technology which gave it approximately a 4790% increase – something that could revolutionize the electricity industry with significantly cheaper energy.

Hence the attention from the FBI…check it out!

Here is how Jim explains his invention:

Electric power is supplied by a special transformer to energize a resistive load. The undissipated magnetic potential is then captured and stored temporarily, before being sent back to the source through the very same electrical load. This oscillating power has completely different properties than conventional electrical power, and actually reduces the total power required from the source. The consequence of this energy dynamic is that the resistive load can be powered more than twice as efficiently, while the net power supplied by the line is reduced to a very small value. The implications of this technology for power conservation in the future are absolutely astonishing!



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