Should Flat Earthers Have a Reality TV Show Where They Look For The Edge Of Earth?

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Flat Earthers are a group who believe that the Earth is actually flat, but that the mainstream media and a shadowy government that desperately tries to keep us under the illusion that it is spherical. Though the group is small, its theories are far research, due in large part to a strong presence on social media platforms like Reddit.

The group has earned a reputation for turning a blind eye to many historical advances.

“With extraordinarily few exceptions, no educated person in the history of Western civilization from the third century onwards believed the Earth was flat,” historian Jeffrey Burton Russell wrote in 1997, tying the transformation to Christopher Columbus’ trip to America. Still, the theory has persisted.

The theory so deeply defies logic that some people are attempting to come up with a solution that would end the argument once and for all. One user on Reddit suggested funding a reality show that sends a group of Flat Earthers on a mission to discover the end of the Earth.

Of course, to those who believe the conspiracy, this proposal is nearly impossible. As the theory would have it, the South Pole is blocked off by a gigantic wall of ice that is being guarded by the world’s military. But what if they were challenged to find out for themselves?

Others have suggested sending a few of these advocates into a space shuttle and sending them into space to see the shape of the Earth first-hand.

Do you think we will ever reach a consensus about the shape of the planet, or is this a lost cause?