Monkey Business: Zoo Gorillas Prank Humans

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Who ever thought that zoo gorillas would essentially prank humans with their ‘monkey business!’ This video is pretty entertaining and well worth a quick look. Obviously Gorillas are obviously potentially dangerous to humans, but in this video we see a very different side of them. The questions is are they doing for our amusement…or their own? One can imagine with so much time on their hands, they need to entertain themselves. But what you will see is deliberate attempts to prank humans. Have you ever thought of a gorilla as good natured – you might after watching this – they seem to be entertaining themselves and enjoying  it. Which is pretty amazing considering that we have imprisoned them for our own amusement and entertainment. Is there any doubt that they would prefer to be free?

And although we might want to see animals living as “naturally” as possible, zoos are pure and simply prisons. Of course, gorillas are dangerous animals and clearly need to be kept behind glass, steel mesh or wide divides – for their own safety as well as ours.