Florida’s Big Underwater Problem! Rising Sea Level 6x Faster Than Normal!

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When it comes to climate change, Florida is the state that faces some of the most daunting predictions especially Rising Sea Level. Floods are becoming more common, and sea level rise is making hurricanes and storm surges more powerful. Despite the obvious changes we’re already seeing there, the state’s legislature is refusing to invest in climate change prevention measures.

Instead, their resources are being invested in combating the storms by doing things like raising streets in cities like Miami. This short-sided approach won’t be enough to combat the changes ahead. A new study from Geophysical Research Letters notes that sea level rise throughout the planet is accelerating. Along the Florida coastline, that change is most dramatic—rising up three to six times faster than average.

Researchers attributed this change to several factors, citing melting ice caps and thermal expansion as two factors caused by human influence. When carbon dioxide is trapped in the atmosphere, our planet’s surface gets hotter, as do the oceans. Warm water expands upwards.

In natural cycles, sea level changes take place on short timescales when an oceanic current changes. A new study claims Florida’ sea level “hot spot” is mostly being caused by natural factors. Combined with a sudden weakening in the atmosphere thanks to North Atlantic Oscillation, this hot spot is causing water levels to rise dramatically.

Even though the primary contributing factors are natural, human contributions cannot be ignored. Whatever the causes at hand, this is bad news for Florida.

Source: iflscience.com, forbes.com