Are Aliens Walking & Living With Us?

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At this point, most of us can agree that it is a stretch to believe we are the only technologically advanced species in our universe. But the real question is are the living among us? With 100 billion estimated galaxies and over 2,000 exoplanet discoveries, more likely than not, there’s something else out there. In fact, some scientists theorize aliens have been on Earth all along.

We’ve all heard (and likely criticized) stories of UFO sightings, and they are typically described as a sci-fi exaggerated encounter. We tend to discount these tales right away as fiction, but 91-year-old Paul Hellyer disagrees. According to the former Canadian defense minister, aliens are probably walking among us right now.

Hellyer accuses world leaders of hiding the existence of these aliens who have “been visiting our planet for thousands of years” out of fear that it would impact the way we think about religion and the rule of law. Recently, he has been urging world powers to release this hidden data once and for all.

When he was interviewed by Russia Today, Hellyer stated that 80 different species of extraterrestrials exist. Some of them, he argues, “look just like us and could walk down the street and you wouldn’t know it if you walked past one.” Among those species are The Greys, The Nordics, The Arcturians, and the Sirian Hybrids, Hellyer claims.

What do you think of Hellyer’s assertions?