Charles Manson Dead at 83…Science Wants To Study His Psychopathic Brain

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Mass murderer Charles Manson is dead at age 83, and now we’ll find out if the gates of hell will open for the infamous cult leader. Manson, who led the notorious  “Helter Skelter” gang and committed a series of gruesome murders, has died after nearly five decades in prison. He had been taken from a Central Valley prison to a Bakersfield Hospital for gastrointestinal issues at  in January 2017. Science Wants To Study Charlie Manson’s Psychopathic Brain…When He Dies…Will They Be Able To?

TMZ and the Los Angeles Times reported that Manson was seriously ill and was taken to a hospital in Bakersfield, about 60 miles south of the Corcoran State Prison where he has been incarcerated.

In 1969, Manson become synonymous with pure evil when he was in his mid-30s, when he was charged with orchestrating a series of gruesome murders. He was the leader of the so-called Manson Family, a quasi-commune. He told followers an apocalyptic race war was coming, and that society would collapse “helter skelter” style – a phase he took from a Beatles song. To kick that off, Manson ordered his gang to kill seven people, including Sharon Tate, a pregnant actress married to famed director Roman Polanski. So how evil was Manson?

Columbia University professor Michael Stone knows evil. He’s a forensic psychologist — the type of expert that provides testimony on the mental state of accused murderers when a declaration of insanity can mean the difference between life and death row. Dr. Michael Stone has developed a hierarchy of evilness among psychopathic individuals.  This scale ranks 22 levels of evilness on the basis of forensic psychology.  Charles Manson ranked 15 on the scale of 22 levels (with 22 the worst) and Jeffrey Dahmer topped out at the most evil level.  I ran a Pub Med search and have not been able to find a scientific reference to this scale. But the questions should science study his brain? Would they have the right to do it? Against his will?

Manson was convicted of orchestrating the 1969 murders of pregnant actress Sharon Tate and six others. Tate’s sister Debra Tate told The Associated Press on Tuesday night that, as a Catholic, she makes “no ill wishes” for the people who killed her sister, and will reserve her feelings until hearing Manson has died.

“I would probably say a prayer for them and shed a tear and ask God to have mercy on their souls, but so far I haven’t allowed myself to feel anything because it’s unsubstantiated,” Tate said. “I’m not allowing myself to feel anything until I know that it’s true.”