Now the Smartest Kid In World Explains “What God is…” [VIDEO]

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“What is God? According to 13 year old genius physicist – Max Loughan – who is the smartest kid in the world – it’s possible that the Bible is simply the story of how the Universe began. But if you think God is some guy sitting up in the clouds Max has news for you!

And that is, and Max explains, “God is the Energy that is in us, created us, and is us.” Can you explain that in clear concise terms?

That’s exactly what 13-year-old Genius Max Loughan just did. Max Loughan is not just any kid. He has become famous across the world for presenting his fascinating ideas on topics like the nature of the universe and alternate realities. He even invented a free energy device—a proposal that could eventually power the entire world for free.

Max Loughan (born November 14, 2002) is an American teenage science hobbyist, speaker and occasional media personality who created a crystal radio from items found around his family’s home in Incline Village, Nevada. The device, which purportedly harnesses energy from radio waves, incorporates some of the principles developed by Nikola Tesla in the early 20th century.

Loughan is a young self-proclaimed theoretical physicist. Loughan has taken part in several events, including the Nexus Global Youth Summit 2013 and Eco SXSW in October 2016 in Austin, Texas. In February 2017, Loughan was an honoree and a keynote speaker at the Global Green and Flaunt Magazine Academy Awards fundraiser at TAO in Hollywood, California, alongside Orlando Bloom, Jeff Bridges and Oliver Stone. In March 2017, Loughan was a panellist at the World Science Festival in Brisbane hosted by Nobel laureate Professor Brian Schmidt.

Loughan began taking college-level on-line courses at MIT at age 14.