Proof of Demonic “Alien” Secret Service Bodyguard? Watch…[VIDEO]

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So just who is this weird looking dude, anyway? Why is a video of President Barack Obama’s speech at the 2012 American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference making the rounds?

Well, someone found footage and claimed that it was evidence that a member of his Secret Service is an aline and that he has an alien shape-shifter device and his “shape-shifting device failed during Obama’s speech” or that he could be an Illuminati member or a reptilian humanoid.

No, we’re not making this up. This is a logical explanation however, but this video is making the rounds because it’s much more fun to believe that the leader of the free world is being protected by an alien from another planet. Several blogs have been reporting about the video over the last few days and several of them are ‘religious’ in nature.

But the logical rational explanation it that is that most modern video systems have automatic smoothing filters built into them. It’s to remove noise from the digital image and noise produced by video compression.

This can cause high contrast areas to get a bit “blobby” where it transitions between dark/light. Including exactly what’s seen in this video. Inconclusive at best, and from someone who works in digital video, 90% chance this is just artifacting.