Ten Outrageous Science Experiments That Shock [VIDEO]

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This is a video that is completely legit in the sense that these are bonafide experiments that you may have very well heard of. For instance, you know that the soul is supposed to weigh 21 grams. Dr. Duncan MacDougall was the one that had that theory. He believed that that all bodies really do have living souls and that therefore the souls must have some sort of mass. He weighed numerous patients as they laid dying, and once their final breath was taken, proceeded to weigh them again. His conclusion was that the soul weighed 21 grams.

And then there were the researchers who had to know what would happen to an elephant on acid. So they dosed Tusko, with a hefty hit of LSD and subsequently killed the poor beast.

What happen to a chimp raised exactly like a human child? Well, watch and find out!

Then there is the first Cyborg. Professor Kevin Warwick, an expert on cybernetics, has had cybernetic enhancements and chips implanted into him was a personal endeavor.

On and on. It’s a trip.