Ancient Document Suggests Mankind Crossbred With An Alien Species

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What if the reason we haven’t been able to locate aliens is because humans have been the aliens all along? Well get ready because an ancient document suggests that mankind crossbred with an alien species. According to this theory, the chances that humans crossbred with another species from Alpha Centauri are pretty high—and we could have that to thank for humanity.

In modern-day Iraq, where the ancient Sumerian city of Kish used to be, archeologists discovered one of the oldest ancient documents on the planet—the tablet of Kish—dating back to the year 3,500 BC. The list states that Kish was the first city to have kings following the deluge. One of these leaders was named Kullassina-bel, a sentence in Akkadian that means “All of them were lord.” Now, a group of scholars is suggesting this is intended to signify the absence of central authority in Kish.

The ancient document is also believed to predate the cuneiform writing of the Sumerians and the Egyptian hieroglyphs by almost a century. The written language was one of humanity’s biggest milestones, differentiating us from the animal kingdom. In the five thousand years since it was introduced, humans have made significant technological leaps. Though our evolution on Earth has been relatively short-lived, our achievements have been remarkable.

So why is our species the only one to have developed technological intelligence?

Don’t get us wrong—humans have their limitations. Humans are not equipped to survive a wide range of environments, and we are actually quite limited in what we can survive. Compared to other species on earth, humans are quite bizarre. Human babies are born before we are neurologically ready for life—a strange occurrence in the animal kingdom. With our intelligent comes significant vulnerabilities.

With our move to being bipedal, we made strides, but our species has paid the price. This and the lumbar pain that we face as a result of our achievements could give us some insight into our species, according to a new theory proposed by Dr. Ellis Silver.

Dr. Silver believes there are several tell-tale signs that the human race did not evolve alongside other lifeforms on Earth. In his book, Silver evaluates thirteen leading hypothesis and seventeen factors to support his claim that humans are not from this planet. According to Silver, Neanderthals were most likely crossbred with another species from the star system Alpha Centauri—one of the closest solar systems to Earth.


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