Yellowstone’s Supervolcano. Deadly. Dangerous. Loaded. [VIDEOS]

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Experts have put forward numerous theories on how natural disasters could wipe out humanity on Earth. Now, a new report from European scientists claims that a supervolcano eruption could wipe out millions in the next 80 years. Scientists from the European Science Foundation (ESF) say that the Earth is undergoing a 300-year period of extreme volcanic activity.

Beneath Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming is a giant volcano and when finally awakes from its 640,000-year slumber, it will spew out enough ash and magma to change the world as we know it. Scientists who have calculated that the global risk posed by a supervolcanic eruption somewhere in the world is between five and ten times greater than the probability of being struck by a giant asteroid.

Michio Kaku explains that when Yellowstone’s dormant volcano erupts, it will annihilate America.

And what really concerns them is the huge lake of molten magma lying dormant under the lush landscape of Yellowstone. It is causing the greatest concern to volcanologists studying the special threat posed by super volcanoes.


Earth scientists commissioned by the Geological Society of London have calculated that there may be several super-eruptions big enough to cause a global disaster every 100,000 years – whereas an asteroid larger than 1km (0.62 miles) in diameter would be expected to hit the Earth once in about 600,000 years.



Source: TechTimes

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