How Exaggerated Medical Hype Hurts Marijuana…Too Much?

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions is notorious for condemning the recreational use of marijuana, but he took things a step further when he cast doubt of the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

“I think medical marijuana has been hyped, maybe too much,” he told reporters. “Doses can be constructed in a way that might be beneficial, I acknowledge that, but if you smoke marijuana, for example, where you have no idea how much THC you’re getting, it’s probably not a good way to administer a medicinal amount. So forgive me if I’m a bit dubious about that.”

Studies have shown that medical marijuana laws and access to medical marijuana dispensaries are associated with fewer opioid deaths and less prescription painkiller abuse—another point that Session calls into question.

Throughout his campaign, President Trump said he was “100 percent” in favor of medical marijuana.

“It’s concerning because the administration, the White House themselves, have sort of committed themselves to not going after medical marijuana,” Michael Collins of the Drug Policy Alliance said. “Sessions is casting doubt on that.”

Smoking is a necessary way to consume medical marijuana because chronic pain sufferers often need instantaneous reflect. Collins also points out that there is no evidence of fatal marijuana doses.

“The people complaining that more research needs to be done are the very people in a position to do the research,” Collins adds. “But they’ll never do it, because they know the research will show the positives.”

Though 38 states have legalized some form of cannabis, it is still illegal everywhere under federal law, preventing the agencies that would traditionally provide oversight from getting involved. That means consumers have no way of knowing for sure what they are actually buying.

There is growing demand in the country for a compound found in cannabis called cannabidiol, or CBD. Unlike THC, CBD does not provide a euphoric high and many doctors believe it has enormous potential when it comes to ailments that involve movements like seizures and spasms. The medical potential of CBD wasn’t widely known until 2013 when a documentary featured a little girl in Colorado whose seizures stopped almost entirely after she began taking a marijuana strain high in CBD and low in THC.

Interestingly, this drug also allows for some legal loopholes. While marijuana companies cannot legally move their products across state lines, keep their money in a bank account, or sell stock, hemp companies can. But just like marijuana products, hemp CBD products are not subject to Food and Drug Administration approval or testing.

Source: CNN, Buzzfeed

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