Florida Governor Just Said, “Bigger, Stronger’ Than Hurricane Andrew!”

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Irma On Vicious Path To Florida | Gov. Says “BIGGER THAN ANDREW’

Florida Gov. Rick Scott told TODAY that the Hurricane Irma is so unpredictable that it could hit either coast and that residents should obey orders to evacuate. He is worried about people getting the gas they need to leave – even taking steps to truck in more fuel if needed, and he urged people to not take more than they need. “We’re making sure everybody’s getting out,” he says. He also warned that Hurricane Irma Is ‘Bigger, Stronger’ Than Hurricane Andrew, Florida Gov. “Hurricane Andrew is one of the worst storms in the history of Florida,” Scott said. “This is much worse and more devastating on its current path.” ABC reported that Scott also said, “When the storm hits First Responders will not save you. Do not sit and wait for the storm to come,” he said. “It is extremely dangerous and deadly and will cause devastation. Get prepared right now.””

Hurricane Andrew, was a devastating Category 5 hurricane that caused major damage in the Sunshine State 1992. All told it did $47.8 billion in damage and killed 65.  Andrew, which made landfall in Homestead, Fla., left a path of destruction. The National Weather Service stresses that the threat to South Florida from Irma “continues to increase,” and that the window of concern is between Friday night and Monday.

“This storm is bigger, faster and stronger than Hurricane Andrew,” Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) said Wednesday of Irma.

President Trump on Tuesday evening declared an emergency in Florida as well as the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, and Scott activated 100 members of the Florida National Guard and said he has directed all 7,000 members to report for duty on Friday.

The Current Path as of 5 PM Thursday (EST)

Evacuations underway in Miami metro area

Hurricane Irma barreled toward the U.S. mainland Wednesday, prompting counties in Florida to begin evacuations in low lying area on the coast, and mobile homes throughout South Florida including Miami, a sprawling and densely populated mass of cities and suburbs hugging the coastline. As dire warnings mounted, schools and offices across the state began to shut down, grocery store shelves were wiped clean and authorities ordered evacuations with more to follow.

The Sun Sentinel in Florida is reporting that Hurricane Irma’s forecast take has shifted slightly west taking South Florida out of dead center positioning it just slightly east. However the National Hurricane Center issued a 5 PM Thursday statement that says Irma will most likely hit landfall on the southern Florida peninsula as a “dangerous major hurricane,” the National Hurricane Center said in its 5 p.m. Thursday advisory.

The hurricane maintained its 175-mph strength and is expected to remain a major hurricane for the next three days. A major hurricane is one of at least Category 3 strength, which means winds of at least 111 mph, capable of causing “devastating damage,” according to the hurricane center.

“It has become more likely that Irma will make landfall in southern Florida as a dangerous major hurricane, and bring life-threatening storm surge and wind impacts to much of the state,” the hurricane center said.


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