Wow…The Hyperloop Accelerating to 200+ MPH…

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Elon Musk sparked immense curiosity when he first shared his blueprint for the hyperloop, a revolutionary transport system that could shuttle humans through space at speeds of more than 1,200 km/h. Now, Musk has just released footage of a test pod accelerating to 324 km/h over the space of just a few seconds—and it’s absolutely mind-blowing.

The footage was shot at the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod competition over the weekend. The winning design, known as the Warr Hyperloop, was created by a team of 30 students from the Technical University of Munich in Germany.

The WARR Hyperloop pod is powered by a 50 kW electric motor. It is constructed from carbon fiber, and weighs in at just 176 pounds. According to his tweets, Musk believes the test tube they are competing in could allow hyperloop pods to beat the speed of sound. Of course, he acknowledges that the real passenger-carrying hyerloop won’t have the strobe effect featured in the video. Acceleration will also be less dramatic than the footage lets on—allowing for a more comfortable passenger experience.

In case you missed it, the hyperloop system works by using magnets to shuttle a pod through a tube that contains a partial vacuum. This set up allows the pods to accelerate without friction to speeds from air resistance. Interestingly, this groundbreaking design was inspired from mail tubes used more than a century ago.

Source: Science Alert

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