Check This Out! Flat-Earthers Think The Solar Eclipse Proved Them Right [VIDEO]

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This is frigging funny! Because  our misguided idiot friends, a.k.a. as flat-Earthers uploaded a video YouTube that picked up some of the many incredible images that NASA has proudly acquired and suggested that they were CGI fakes, a common rebuttal from modern believers of the “geocentric model”.

According to IFLS, the video titled “FAKE ECLIPSE,” claims the Moon-shaped object blocking the Sun was not the Moon. They “reversed the light” on photo-editing software to highlight some supposed oddities within the image. This revealed that shade/color of the Moon in the images was the same as the space behind the Sun, ie. black. This, they argue, suggests the solar eclipse had something to do with the Sun itself, not any celestial body in front of the Sun.

“Folks, nothing caused the Sun eclipses today, but the Sun, as far as we can tell,” the video says.









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