WARNING! Five Traits That Could Get You Abducted By Aliens!

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5 ‘Sure Fire’ Ways To Attract Aliens Like Magic! At one point or another, we have probably all questioned whether alien abduction is possible. Worldwide, people claim to have been abducted by aliens and taken to a spacecraft or enclosed place where they were questioned or physically examined. Most of these accounts have been revealed through methods like hypnosis—and the majority of the people making these claims seem genuine and psychologically sound. So could their experienced be real?

Professor Rich McNally and his colleagues at Harvard University have spent more than a decade researching the psychology of alien abductees. His team has isolated a number of traits that contribute to the experiences they recall when being abducted. Here are the five traits they discovered:

Frequently experiencing sleep paralysis and hallucinations when waking.

Many of the people who have reported alien abduction suffer episodes of morning sleep paralysis, which often give rise to hallucinations of flashing lights and buzzing sounds. Some have also described feelings of ‘floating’ around the room or seeing figures in the room.

Tendency to recall false memories

McNally and his team discovered that individuals who claimed to have been abducted by aliens were also prone to “false memory syndrome.” Throughout tests, they regularly claimed to recall words, items, sentences, etc. in memory tests that they had never actually seen before.

High levels of “absorption”

Abductees score significantly higher on this particular mental characteristic, related to fantasy proneness, vivid imagery, and susceptibility to hypnosis and suggestion. This can be linked to why many abductees recall their experiences under hypnosis, where memories can be induced through suggestibility.

New age beliefs

Being subjected to imaginative medical procedures requires a tendency to accept non-mainstream ideas. It’s not surprising that abductees score highly on measures of magical ideation and are more likely to embrace and endorse alternative medicines and healing, astrology, and fortune telling.

Familiarity with the cultural narrative of alien abduction

The images and descriptions of aliens and their spacecraft have become familiar to many people thanks to science fiction. Alien abductees tend to be very familiar with this cultural narrative, which could explain why their descriptions of aliens and spaceships are so familiar.

As Professor McNally points out in his research, it remains unclear whether these characteristics are necessary for ‘alien abduction’ or whether some are more necessary than others. Other researchers have also introduced further traits, like paranoid thinking and weak sexual identity, as common characteristics of abductees.

Another interesting note is that all of these studies were conducted after the alleged abduction occurred, so it’s impossible to know whether these five traits are consequences of the experience or were factors that led individuals to interpret earthly experiences as evidence of an abduction.

Source: Psychology Today

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