“Tell-Tale” Signs That Your Friend Is Actually An Alien!

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Do you have a friend that acts so strange they just may not be human?.Are you ‘unwittingly’ friends with an alien? Here are “Tell-Tale” Signs! We’ve all had those moments where we are sitting next to our best friend and we notice that there is something a little ‘peculiar’ about them. Whether it’s something they say or something they do, you can’t help wondering, could they be an alien?

Okay, so maybe you’ve never thought that your best friend was from another planet. But is it something you should be thinking about? Here are some tell-tale signs that your friend is an alien, courtesy of SMOSH:

  • They are abnormally goal oriented
  • They have a natural ease or affinity for most weapons
  • They are not keen on ‘joking around’
  • Cats hiss in his or her presence
  • They have moments of defying gravity
  • They have strange diets or allergies
  • They laugh at the wrong time or seem to be forcing laughter
  • They wear bizarre clothing and lack a basic fashion sense
  • They’re obsessed with technology

Did you friend match all of the criteria above? Is your pal most likely an alien? What should you do next?

We don’t recommend confronting your friend up front. I mean, let’s be honest, you don’t know what they’re capable of or who their interstellar connections are. But you may want to be careful what you say (or even think—telepathy?) around them, because they’re probably sharing that information with their alien buddies for research.

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