Meet The “Mars Generation” That MUST Get To Mars!

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Many scientists believe human space exploration is the key to stopping children from losing the drive to discover new things and be interested in the world around them. Historically, human space exploration has been able to excite and inspire children worldwide to test limits and challenge the impossible. For the sake of the future of humanity on Earth, some argue we must put humanity elsewhere. More specifically, we must send humans to Mars.

Why Mars? To space experts, Mars is the next logical step in human space exploration, beyond returning to the moon.

Here are six reasons to send humans to Mars:

Discovery and Scientific Knowledge: Mars is the most scientifically interesting location in our solar system that is well within reach. Most experts agree that it will take human explorers to determine whether there ever was or even still is life on Mars.

Inspiration and Innovation: Space exploration is one of the most effective ways to inspire students to become interested in STEM education.

National Morale: U.S.-led mission to Mars would let the world know we are still capable of great things, improving our national outlook and economy.

Security and Diplomacy: Many of the capabilities required to achieve a trip to Mars have potential security applications. A strong space program can be one of our most effective diplomatic tools.

Advancement and Expansion of Humanity: Mars holds enormous potential for self-sufficiency, unlike anything we see elsewhere in our solar system.

Understanding Earth: Mars is the planet in our solar system that is most similar to Earth. Mars used to be a warm and wet planet like ours, and scientists are determined to discover what happened to it—and if the same thing could happen to Earth.

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