Let Your Brain Enter The 4th Dimension. Multidimensionality Made Easy [VIDEO]

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Our Eyes & Senses Can’t Enter The 4th Dimension, But Our Brain Can [VIDEO]! Ludwig Schläfli (15 January 1814 – 20 March 1895) was a Swiss mathematician, specializing in geometry and complex analysis (at the time called function theory) who was one of the key figures in developing the notion of higher-dimensional spaces. The concept of multidimensionality has come to play a pivotal role in physics, and is a common element in science fiction.

Schläfli made an important contribution to non-Euclidean (elliptic) geometry when he proposed that spherical three-dimensional space could be regarded as the surface of a hypersphere in Euclidean four-dimensional space. Schläfli knew how to find the volume of a tetrahedron not only in spherical space but also in hyperbolic space, although when he undertook this work in 1852 he was almost certainly unaware of Lobachevsky’s work.

Other papers which he published investigate a variety of topics such as partial differential equations, the motion of a pendulum, the general quintic equation, elliptic modular functions, orthogonal systems of surfaces, Riemannian geometry, the general cubic surface, multiply periodic functions, and the conformal mapping of a polygon on a half-plane.






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