“Angel Particle” Finally Found! The Particle That Is Both Matter And Anti-Matter!

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“Angel Particle” Found! After 80 Years Quest, A Breakthrough For Quantum Physics! 80 years after its existence was first predicted by physicists, scientists have just discovered an ‘angel particle,’ which is both matter and anti-matter at the same time. Researchers are finding the first evidence of the elusive particles as a ‘landmark moment in quantum physics.

The discovery could help scientists bring a ‘quantum computing revolution’ that could allow us to make machines many times more powerful than those made by existing technology.

Scientists have long theorized that when the Big Bang created the universe, equal amounts of matter and anti-matter were produced. Antimatter is made from particles which are the ‘anti-particles’ of those from normal matter. Researchers predicted that if the two types of matter ever met, they would destroy each other in a burst of energy.

In 1937, Ettore Majorana, an Italian physicist, suggested that a new class of particles could exist, that was also their own antiparticles. He called these ‘fermions.’

Now, scientists have found the first evidence that Majorana could have been correct. The researchers named their discovery the ‘Angel Particle’ after the novel Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.

“Our team predicted exactly where to find the Majorana fermion and what to look for as its ‘smoking gun’ experimental signature,” Professor Shoucheng Zang, a Stanford University physicist, said. “The discovery concludes one of the most intensive searches in fundamental physics, which spanned exactly 80 years.”

Before discovering the ‘angel particle,’ scientists first needed to find ‘quasi-particles.’ Using a superconductor and a magnetic topological insulator, scientists were able to locate them.

If fermions exist, they could help scientists to build quantum computers, opening the door for all-power and super-fast machines—a true ‘breakthrough’ for quantum processing.

“It’s not fundamentally surprising because physicists have thought for a long time that Majorana fermions could arise out of the types of materials used in this experiment,” said Professor Frank Wilczek, a theoretical physicist and Nobel laureate. “But they put together several elements that had never been put together before, and engineering things so this new kind of quantum particle can be observed in a clean, robust way is a real milestone.”

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