Are We Being Visited by Our Future Selfs? Are Aliens Us?

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The ancient astronaut theory proposes that our ancestors experienced these huge leaps forward—advancing their scientific, astronomical, technological, and medical knowledge—thanks to extraterrestrial intervention. And possibly even genetic intervention.

This theory is used to explain some of history’s greatest mysteries, from the Egyptian pyramids to the massive stone statues on Easter Island. It could also be the reason many cave and rock paintings feature “helmeted” figures that aren’t quite human. So, is it possible our ancestors lift us proof that they mingled with aliens?

Of course, there are many doubters, but others insist there is even archeological evidence to prove ancient astronaut theory. If we entertain this idea based on the “circumstantial evidence” that exists, do we need to accept that the aliens that intervened were truly ‘alien’? Or could this have been some type of time travel, where humans of the future came back to teach and guide humans of the past?

In an article on the topic, Rob Szarek brings up an interesting point: Roswell.

In the summer of 1947, a mysterious object crashed on a ranch in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico. Original news stories claimed the craft was a flying saucer—but this narrative quickly transformed into one about a ‘weather balloon.” Roswell has now been the topic of urban legends, movies, TV shows, and books. From alien bodies being discovered on the site to alien autopsies, mystery still lingers on the infamous crash.

We still don’t have answers about what truly happened. But according to U.S. Navy Commander George W. Hoover, aliens may have been human beings from the future. Hoover allegedly had top-secret clearance as part of his work as a Naval Intelligence Officer. As such, he was able to view the Roswell debris and bodies. Before his death, he told a very small group of people about his belief.

During interviews, Hoover’s son claims that his father believed the aliens were not extraterrestrial, but rather ‘extratemproal’—of another time. He believed these humans of the future had the power to use consciousness to morph reality and bend the rules of time.

Hoover’s story is not the only of its kind. In fact, it mirrors other stories from ufologists and UFO abductees. The belief that aliens are more tech-savvy humans of the future is quite a popular one.

The idea is a mind-bending one, and highly speculative. But it’s not entirely impossible either.

Source: Huffington Post – Rob Szarek

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