NASA’s Ambitious Plan To Use “Wormholes & Warp Drives” To Travel Anywhere, Anytime

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NASA has just revealed ambitious plans to travel anywhere, anytime via Wormholes and Warp Drives making it possible to visit distant universes. The agency is hoping to “revolutionize space exploration” by improving our understanding of gravity, space-time, and the quantum vacuum. Soon, it might be possible to send robots on interstellar missions.

These breakthrough forms of propulsion are just some of the technologies the agency has announced it will be working on in the next two decades. Also among the 15 areas to be studied are robots, human exploration, landing systems, and nanotechnology. But the emerging propulsion technologies are by far the most intriguing.

Dr. David Miller, chief technologist at NASA headquarters in Washington, DC notes the new technology would “enable more complex operations over time in the exploration of more distant destinations in the solar system.”

“NASA’s continued investment in technology development will provide critical capabilities that create new jobs and businesses, inspire our youth, and lead to futures where we evolve into a species that lives and works through the solar system,” he added.

NASA notes that work in this area will involve detailed scientific work, given that the physics “is still quite early in development.”

The agency also says it will support research “to demonstrate microscopic instances of space warp or wormholes.” Both technologies would bend space time to allow a spacecraft to travel huge distances almost instantly.

The agency did not mention any technologies specifically, but it did confirm that if it does make a breakthrough, it could deploy such technologies on a mission to Mars in 2033.

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