Now You Can Spot A Nordic Alien! Here’s What to Look For!

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Once you know how, it is relatively easy to spot a Nordic Alien. There certain traits to look for that are quite identifiable. And once you learn them you’ll start wondering how many aliens are actually amongst us. And that’s one reason why there have been several Nordic Alien encounter incidents that have gained international attention among conspiracy theorists. Perhaps one of the most famous occurred on November 20, 1952, when George Adamski, a polish American citizen met a man with long, blonde hair in the desert of California.

Nordic aliens are also referred to as ‘Blondes’—a species of humanoid extra terrestrials that many believe can be found in various parts of the Galaxy.

Below are some remarkable Nordic Alien Facts that might completely blow your mind.

Nordic aliens are believed to have originated from the Pleiades star cluster, which is around 400 light years away from Earth. Planets in which these aliens dwell have dry and hot climates, with low levels of oxygen.

Nordics have human like appearances but tend to be abnormally tall, ranging from 5.5 feet to 7 feet. They are generally of a muscular stature and have longer heads than most humans. Generally, they have light colored eyes that can be shades of red, green, pink, violet and purple. Beyond simply looking remarkable, Nordic aliens have the capability to see things located in the ultraviolet range of their spectrum.

The cell structures of Nordic aliens are slightly different than ours as well, tending to be biconvex in shape compared to concave in humans. Their brains look similar to human brains but tend to be thicker and tougher. Their hearts are located where we have our liberals, and their lung size is much larger. Their heart beat is around 242 times per minute.

They tend to be more silent observers of human behavior, preferring to communicate through telepathy and telekinesis. Some speculate that around 25% of the total abduction cases by aliens are done by the Nordic aliens.

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