Are The Sphinx And Great Pyramid of Giza Hiding a “Secret” Mars Connection?[VIDEO]

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Is there a Mars connection buried in the sand that connects the Great Pyramid of Giza to Mars? And what about the the enigmatic Sphinx, which has always been a mysterious aura, and which has a lore uniquely it’s own. It has been the subject of  intense speculation – about the age, it’s significance, the way of building, the secret rooms, the prophetic role and the relationship with pyramids. Where do the secret tunnels under the Sphinx lead? Is there a Mars connection? Is it possible?

But now there is speculation that it has a distinction connection to Mars and that doesn’t make it any less mysterious. Many of these theories started with Egyptologists and archaeologists who strive to be the sole masters and possessors of the Sphinx secrets, but in the hands of conspiracy buffs it is having a field day. And radar tests have detected anomalies in the soil structure under the Sphinx indicating the presence of  Schematics, Tunnels, and Chambers. But why have there been no excavations under the Sphinx or under the pyramid? The symbolism of the Sphinx is closely related to light, like the entire Egyptian religion, and like all the religions of the world it remains secretive and protected.

Enter the Ufologists have who have analyzed the photographs of the Curiosity rover, which roam the surface of Mars, and claim to have identified evidence of a Sphinx.  And that leads them to wonder if the “red planet,” once had ancient civilizations? Many today believe it was impossible for humans to build such great structures as the Great Pyramids of Giza, something reinforced by dubious claims made on television programs and the internet. Just google “Aliens built the pyramids” and you will discover that many believe aliens were in fact responsible for the construction of these great monuments. While there is no known written record or relief detailing how the pyramids were constructed, there is nonetheless abundant archaeological evidence indicating that the Egyptians themselves were responsible for their building.

And why are the structures seemingly waiting for the sunrise, symbolizing life as a rebirth, as the royal tombs were arranged on the western bank of the Nile in analogy with the opposite of the sun symbolizing the life that passed. Who built the Sphinx and for what purpose?  Is contemporary with the pyramids on the Giza plateau? What symbolizes his human-lion hybrid structure? Are tge conclusions of classical Egyptology as well as geology, archeo-astrology, and astrobiology actually linked to Mars? Watch the VIDEO, then decide!

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