Neil deGrasse Tyson Says Humans Are “Too Stupid For Aliens To Bother With!” [VIDEO]

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Nobody like to be called stupid, but when it comes to aliens this astrophysicist says that humans are “Too Stupid For Aliens To Bother With!” Neil DeGrasse Tyson has the answer to why we have yet to come in contact with aliens—or why they haven’t bothered to visit us. We’re just “too stupid for aliens to bother with.” Or, perhaps even more likely, they may have visited us already. Aliens could be walking among us right now, but we are (again) just too stupid to notice. In this Business Insider video, Neil explores the Fermi paradox, which basically asks,  if there are alien civilizations, why haven’t we heard from them?

Neil thinks that aliens may just exist on a scale so far superior to us that we wouldn’t have a clue if they were sitting next to us right now—much as a worm we spot on the sidewalk has no idea we are about to step right over—or squish it.

When you think of it that way, his reasoning makes some sense. Watch Neil explore the Fermi paradox in this Business Inside video.


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