Conspiracy Du Jour: Beyonce & The Illuminati Are Running The World! [VIDEO]

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Who runs the world? Apparently, lots of people believe it’s run by The Illuminati. And Beyoncé. Obviously. While the rest of the world only heard her reference the Illuminati recently in her new song, “Formation,”  There has been a lot of speculation lately that royal highness Beyonce, is in the Illuminati, and that whe her husband, Jay-Z’s are deeply involved with the clandestine organization that allegedly runs the world. There is even a website dedicated to this belief called:

Did you know the Illluminati fought the Catholic Church attempts to censor science? That’s TRUE!

What is the The Illuminati you ask? Well it was an 18th-century secret society made up of numerous influential intellectuals and freethinkers of the time. The organization, which is also known as the Bavarian Illuminati, opposed the Roman Catholic Church’s control over philosophy and science; promoted the education of women and their treatment as equals; sought to “enlighten” people’s minds and free them from superstitions and prejudices; and tried to reduce the oppression of the state.

As Buzzfeed explains it has a historical basis:

It turns out the Illuminati actually has a very real historical origin story. In 1776, a German professor named Adam Weishaupt decided to form an organization to promote his strong beliefs rooted in secularism and rational thought. Originally, he wanted to join the Freemasons, but unfortunately he couldn’t afford the admission fee.

So, Weishaupt decided to form his own organization. He called it “the Order of the Illuminati.”

And here’s what has to say: And now a chatter of internet conspiracy theorists but the questions have snowballed into the mainstream media and now has become common talk amongst people who four years ago never even heard of the Illuminati.  It doesn’t help that every time Beyonce makes a video she appears to have numerous occult symbols for the conspiracy theorists to feed off of.

Her songs are broken down lyric by lyric and examined for the hidden meanings.  There are sites and videos all over the internet that have frame by frame breakdowns of Beyonce’s Illuminati symbols in her songs.  Some people claim to have “exposed” or “decoded” the meaning behind Beyonce and Jay-Z naming their baby Blue Ivy (more on that later).

Everywhere you turn now references are being made to Beyonce and the Illuminati.  Even the tabloids have taken to asking the question is Beyonce in the Illuminati.  For every hand position or symbol made by Beyonce, Illuminati connections are implicated.  The clothing and earrings Beyonce wears also serve as proof that Beyonce is in the Illuminati.

You can’t fault people for making these assumptions though.  Beyonce is using a lot of occult symbols in her music videos.  The question is, are these decisions being made by her or the people who direct the videos?  To answer this question and get down to the truth about Beyonce and the Illuminati lets discuss briefly who the Illuminati are.

According to Wikipedia, illuminati, the plural of illuminatus (meaning enlightened) was a name given to several groups.  The original was started in Europe in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, a Bavarian.  The orders were set up in the same manner as freemasonry and included numerous well-known members who were diplomats and aristocrats.  Initiates pledged a vow of secrecy.  The real aim of the Illuminati was to form the intellectual and political elite of society.  Many of the Illuminati plans and structure became publicly known because several publications by the groups were seized and released do to political unrest and infighting within the group.

Rulers in Europe tried to break up and ban the Illuminati however many masonic origins today still bear the title illuminati in their name and claim to be the modern heir to the original Bavarian Illuminati.  This is why it’s not exactly a “conspiracy” to assume that the Illuminati still exist.

Modern conspiracy theory places responsibility on the Illuminati for many occurences such as JFK’s assassination, international war, population control, the French Revolution, and pretty much anything else you can think of.  This is all a part of the ploy for a New World Order.  They also believe that Hollywood has been infiltrated and that symbols and subliminal messages in the film industry are being used to control the masses.

Guys like David Icke, Texe Mars, and Alex Jones have been talking about this for years however things started getting more unusual a few years ago as they all started to talk about the Illuminati in the industry, in particular the Illuminati in the music industry.  What’s even stranger is the fact that they have been concentrated on pop music in general with a focus on rap and black R&B artists.
Modern conspiracy theory claims that the term “Illuminati” is used for an elite society which supposedly became systematized in order to plot worldwide major events and control world governments and corporations from behind the scenes in order to bring in to power a New World Order.

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