Is There A Condo On Mars In Your Future?

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Perhaps the ultimate mission for mankind today is to make life and civilization on Mars possible. This lofty vision has been expressed by many of today’s most ambitious geniuses and inventors—so it is no wonder that it is now the premise of a new TV series made by National Geographic. ‘Mars’ aims to show what life could be like for humans living on the red plan. One day we may take it for granted just like living to be 200 years old…if that’s possible!

London’s Royal Observatory in Greenwich is giving the first peak into what a home built on Mars could look like. The ‘show home’ is a dome-like structure mined from Martian soil, combined with recycled spacecraft parts, and a double air-locked entrance. Designers believe it could protect early settlers from Mar’s harsh atmosphere and freezing temperatures.

“This is what we imagine will be a typical house, so to speak, on Mars in about the year 2037,” Stephen Petranek, an author, commented. National Geographic created the home as part of its research, based in large part on material in Petranek’s book.

The home includes a trap door that leads into an underground area, where heaters convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. Upstairs, there is a small cooking area, a bed, and a computer. A platform above contains pots of plants, given that humans will have to grow about 20 percent of their food on Mars.

Like many of today’s scientists, Petranek believes that the move to Mars is not driven by curiosity, but rather by necessity. He believes if we move some people to Mars and become a multi-planetary species, the chances of human extinction falls to almost zero.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX is working to make this vision a reality. His team aims to land humans on the red planet by 2025 and recently introduced an “Interplanetary Transport System” to take mankind to Mars in 80 days and build a sustainable human colony of a million people there.

“I really don’t have any other motivation for personally accumulating assets, except to be able to make the biggest contribution I can to making life multi-planetary,” Musk commented.

Musk also believes a city on Mars could help ensure the human species survives a massive extinction event on Earth, like an asteroid impact or a devastating war.

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