In 1933 Yo-Yos were banned in Syria – blamed for drought!

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As crazy as that sounds you can READ ALL ABOUT IT!

YO-YO BANNED IN SYRIA! Blamed For Drought.

BEIRUT (Syria), January 21.

yoyoDrought and severe cold is disastrously affecting the cattle in Syria,and the Moslem chiefs at Damascus have attributed the wrath of the  heavens to the recent introduction of the yo-yo.  They say that while the people are praying for rain to come down from above the yo-yo goes down, and before reaching the ground springs up through the subtle pull of the string.   The chiefs interviewed the PrimeMinister, and exposed the evil influence of yo-yos, so they were immediately banned.    To-day the police paraded the streets and confiscated the yo-yos  from everyone they saw playing withthem.                

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