An Urban Algae Shade Canopy Which Provides Shade, Oxygen and Food

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EcoLogicStudio, a design firm from London has created an urban algae canopy. This “bio-digital” structure sees fluid filled with microalgae organisms pumped around an otherwise transparent shelter to produce dynamic shade, energy in the form of biomass, and an impressive amount of oxygen, while responding to the presence of visitors to produce interesting visual effects.



eco logic canopy
Microalgae in the water pumped through the translucent structure turns green in harsh sunlight due to photosynthesis. A series of tubes pumps the microalgae fluid around to the panels. A series of tubes pumps the microalgae fluid around to the panels. “A special CNC welding technology is at the core of it and enables ecoLogicStudio to design and control the morphology of the cushions under stress as well as the fluid dynamic behaviour of the water medium as it travels through it.”
When it’s sunny, the microalgae naturally photosynthesize and grow, turning the fluid a deeper shade of green and providing extra shade when it’s needed.

Their larger installation at the “Feeding the Planet” expo in Milan will produce as much oxygen as four hectares of woodland, along with 150 kg of biomass, 80 percent of which will be natural vegetal proteins. EcoLogicStudio is an architectural and urban design practice specialized in environmental design, urban self-sufficiency and building integrated nature. 

Via: Eco Logic

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