Shower As Long As You Want With A Gallon Of Water!

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Another great new invention out of Sweden lets you shower as long as you want with 5 liters (or 1,3 gallons) of water, by constantly filtering and recirculating the water. What comes out of the shower is actually cleaner than what goes in.



If you urinate in the shower, or use excessive amounts of shampoo, the system will sense that and divert that water down the drain, in which case your endless shower might use up to four gallons of water. Normal water use in a shower is about 2.5 gallons per minute, so if you live in California and like endless showers, this seems like a dream come true. The water pressure in the shower is nice and high due to the force created by the recirculating pump.

The shower, produced by a company called Orbital System, is aptly named Shower of the Future. In Sweden where many people have vacation homes on small islands with extremely limited groundwater, this product might be more useful for the second home market, whereas in other countries with more limited water supplies it could be a lifesaver.

The inventor, Mehrdad Mahdjoubi, was inspired by NASA videos of astronauts showering in the International Space Station, and created the product as his thesis project at Lund University. When you are out in space, you have no choice but to reuse the same water over and over again, and the same might be soon true for more and more of the global population. Singapore already purifies sewage water to drinking standard for it’s five million inhabitants.





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