Costa Rica goes 75 days powering itself using only renewable energy!

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What a milestone! How could they do it? Heavy rainfalls this winter boosted  hydropower output to close to the country’s total electricity needs. With some help from solar, wind and geothermal sources, Costa Rica has been running completely green energy this year.



Costa Rica has a number of things going for them in this case, such as a small population, (4.8 million) lack of heavy, energy hogging industry, and natural features that lend themselves to renewable energy, but it is still an incredibly impressive and admirable feat. Costa Rica is aiming to be carbon neutral by 2021. They are getting very close to their goal, since currently 94 per cent of Costa Rica’s energy needs are met by renewables.

The government has been in investing heavily in geothermal energy which is an important backup, as hydro power availability can vary widely depending on rains. Dams also typically have a negative impact on fish and wildlife.


Via, the Independent, Quartz




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