China’s Power Expansion Vastly Superior To USA!

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Who says wind power isn’t practical? The Chinese are going full sails ahead into a major wind power expansion, reaching a capacity of 115,000 megawatts, more energy than all of the nuclear power plants in the US, where 99 reactors produce about 98,000 megawatts.

Photo: The Guardian
Photo: The Guardian

China is also vastly expanding it’s nuclear industry. One third of new reactors in the world are being built in China.  Considering their lax safety record in other industries, and coming on the wake of Fukushima, this could be a worrisome development. But the good news is they are expanding their wind power capacity at an even faster clip. Last year wind farms in China reached a capacity of more than five times the megawatts of the nuclear sector. Most of China’s enormous and ever expanding energy needs are still met by burning coal causing massive smog and adding carbon to the atmosphere, so any clean energy there is a huge improvement.


Via: Quartz, European nuclear society

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