The World’s First Wave Power Station Is Up And Running!

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Pretty amazing technology! A pilot project from the Australian company Carnegie Wave Energy has now been switched on, and it is feeding electricity and desalinated water into local grids in Western Australia.




All images: Carnegie Wave Power

The project, named CETO after a Greek goddess of the sea creates zero-emission renewable power and zero-emission desalinated freshwater from wave power.  The system is “different from other wave energy devices as it operates under water where it is safer from large storms [and corrosion] and invisible from the shore”, says the company.



Desalination of water is usually criticized as very high energy use, but this system relies on the pressure of the seawater. The force of the waves pushing into the buoys drive pumps which push the seawater at high pressure through a pipeline into an onshore hydroelectric power station. Once there, the pressurized water drives a turbine and generates electricity.


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