Head Transplants, Coming To A Hospital Near You Soon!

Well, maybe. But it looks like head transplants could become reality within two years. Rather Frankensteinish if you ask me. The question is – who is the recipient – the head or the body? And how would you feel afterwards?



Sergio Canavero, a surgeon from the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group, would use the surgery to extend the lives of people who have suffered degeneration of the muscles and nerves or those who have advanced cancer.
The surgeon claims recipients would be able to speak using the same voice and could be walking within a year. In the past, these kinds of radical surgeries have failed due to the body part being rejected, but with modern drugs that is no longer such an issue.

To start off the process the recipient’s head and the donor body (yes, the head would be the boss!) would be cooled to extend the time that cells can survive without oxygen. The tissues around the neck would be dissected and major blood vessels would be joined using tiny tubes. After which the spinal cords would be severed and the recipient’s head moved on to the donor body. Using a chemical called polyethylene glycol the ends of the two spinal cords would be fused together.

In order to recover from all this, the person would be put into a coma for around four weeks to prevent them moving while they heal.


Via: Sky news

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