STANFORD STUDY: “Multi tasking is not physiologically healthy for you”

As a friend once postulated, “Is it better to use your plumbing a lot, or a little?” The same could be said for your smart phone. “Is it better to use a lot, or a little.” Meaning does it free up brain power to perform other tasks or does it simply render one brain-dead? Does not have to remember phone numbers or dates allow you to concentrate on other things? Or does your brain atrophy, shut down and you start drooling like the village idiot?

The experts are divided on this quandary. But in a nutshell here is what a highly regarded study concluded. Stanford University Graduates School of business believes it encourages multi tasking “which is not physiologically healthy for you” simply because we are not designed to operate that way and it leads to distraction and loss of focus on relevancy. And there is a consequence to being “beeped into action” as it increases your stress and harms your cognitive thinking. And the Stanford study points out that it makes you jittery. It not just al that caffeine and coffee!

And the Newsflash is: The people who multitask most are the worst at it! And it in the end doesn’t save time! And they in the end the lack of focus caused them to conclude,  “there is no good aspect to multitasking”.

They recommend staying on task until you finish what you started. Experiment and free yourself from your phone. Even dare to turn it off. And see how you feel and then decide!



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