Should you smoke dope with your kid?

Is it a good idea to smoke pot with your teenager? Yes or no?


Most experts are adamantly against the idea for a variety or reasons.
Marijuana causes permanent damage to the brain circuitry controlling working memory, and the younger the person is when they start smoking, the worse the damage.
Hans Breiter, a professor of psychology and neurosciences at Northwestern University medical school, feels that marijuana is the perfect compound to screw everything up for a kid. No matter what activities you engage in in school, you need working memory. After many years of studying marijuana, he leans towards making it illegal for anybody under 30. In fact, heavy use of marijuana causes many similar effects on the brain to schizophrenia.
Joani Geltman, the author of “A Survival Guide to Parenting Teens” says lighting up with your kid, even if you preach moderation, sends the message that doing drugs is ok. And “Why would a parent want to do something that would deliberately harm their child’s brain?”
Lawrence Steinberg, a professor of psychology at Temple University, points out that marijuana is still illegal for anybody under 21, and that there is a difference between sharing a beer at dinner and doing something solely to get high. He adds that it generally a good idea to teach your kids to be law abiding.
The potency of marijuana has tripled in the past two decades, according to government studies. It’s hardly even the same drug as in the 60’s and 70’s.
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