What’s Bigger Than T-Rex! And Much More Terrifying!!

In 2014 Discovery Channel kicked off Shark Week with a story on Megalodon, an ocean predator that dwarfed Great Whites and T-Rex.

Megalodon went extinct over 2 million years ago. Sharktooth Hill is a famous for being the home of Megalodons located outside Bakersfield, California. Lucky collectors might find a 7 inch tooth from the 50-ton beast know as Carcharodon/Carcharocles megalodon.

The ancient shark is long gone; however, the 50-ton beast could do some serious damage when it ruled the prehistoric seas. Although the fictionalized documentary suggested that Megalodon was still roaming the seas and terrorizing fishing boats, there is no evidence that they still exist.

Last year, the Shark Week team at Discovery built a full-size model of megalodon.

You can see video on the Shark Week website.


photo credit: Discovery Channel video
photo credit: Discovery Channel video


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